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Starting a business and presenting your business portfolio advice

Today was a very exciting, eye-opening and overwhelmingly fantastic day. I attended the annual Meet the Primes hosted by Baltimore County Public Schools today. I had an opportunity to meet with several organizations to walk me through to steps to start my business, obtain a mentor, and spoke to every possible stakeholder that would be involved in my rookie business venture. Now that I have a very clear idea of the process and how I can get up and running, I'm thinking ahead a little.

Once I obtain all of the proper items to start my business, the next step would be to start presenting what my business offers to potential stakeholders. Obviously this would involve a project layout and project portfolio of results and effective examples of my work. (A business plan)

I'm currently feeling oblivious to preparing for this next step, but maybe it's just my nerves because Im very confident in my abilities to execute the job. Anyone have any advice as to what are the most important attention getters for the layout and portfolio? Any other advice in general would be welcome too.

Like I said, I'm a rookie looking for guidance in starting a business.

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