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How do I get acceptance of Portfolio Management in my organisation?

We are currently implementing an Enterprise PMO office in our organisation. The Executive level all agree that it is a really good idea, they even asked for it. My problem is that this will be a big culture change for the organisation and I feel without Executive buy in and support, it will fail.
What are they key things I can do to ensure that the Executive see the value of the Enterprise PMO and get behind it and support it?
Any suggestions for "quick win" outputs to demonstrate value?
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Tracey you are correct. Without Exco support a culture change is not possible. The first thing I would do is to make sure you have a strong sponsor if you don't have one yet. The sponsor is your direct communication link into Exco. Trying to manage directly from PM level to Exco level, can be a challenge at best. So whatever you want to prove on an executive level needs this in place first.

To establish quick wins I would ask if you already have a PM culture in the organization? If you do you will scale up from there and if you have to choose one focus point it will be reporting. Executives love high-level stats that will tell them at a glance if the trend is up or down. If the PMO produces this output from the start you will be on the road to success.

Thank you Anton, I will ensure that the CFO is our strong sponsor (he is my immediate boss).

Our PM culture is very engineering focussed, more contract management than project management but the reporting idea sounds good. I think we will start with Executive dashboards to prove value and move on from there.

Thank you again for your input.

I am not a seller. But something I learned along the years is that I have to sell the ideas not matter those ideas which are assigned to me are pushed without a previous diagnosis related to the strategy to be taken. To create a new business unit is a matter of strategy. So, because I was the head of presales people in some organizations I was included in courses related to selling methods. I was trainned into "solution selling" or "SPIN selling", LAMP and "Power Base Selling". My recommendation is taking a look to "Soltuion Selling".

Tracey -

What was the primary reason the PMO was established? Ideally you have a charter for it which identifies tangible objectives which you can translate into near term KPIs but if not you might have to work with the leadership team to understand their #1 objectives and align those across the group.

Most PMOs are cost centers so you do need to be able to show some tangible ROI within a relatively short time even while working towards long term goals of elevating organizational PM capability or increased business agility.


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