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Cannabis is legal in Canada right now. As a project manager, what new challenges or risks you will have? you and/or your project?
How would you manage the new circumstance? How do you want to address the associated risks? How about legal concerns and challenges?
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Have businesses changed their policies, allowing people to get high at work?

What are the associated risks, really?

If nobody on my project was using cannabis before, there are probably no new risks. If somebody starts using a CBD product with little to no THC, there may be less risk if the person is using it for pain management and now has an improved ability to work without side effects from other pain medications.

If you're worried that people are going to start getting high and not doing their jobs either well or at all, you probably had a problem before the laws changed.
If my project was related to the cannabis industry, I would have to look at it much like an emergent technology. The regulations, market, and competition will all be changing as the industry matures. This looks like a perfect application for agile. Don't bet the farm on long term waterfall plans since the business/regulatory environment will likely change before you reach the end goals. Anticipate significant disruptive changes, and be ready to change directions as they do.
Most legal pharmaceutical medications have multiple side effects that would likely impact my resources far more negatively than marijuana could. As Aaron suggested, people who never did marijuana before aren't going to suddenly start getting high just because it's now legal. I'd happily accept the minuscule risks to my project that marijuana legalization represents.
This is usually addressed through HR policies. In general, folks who would use any controlled substances during business hours are likely to not be too fussed about the change in legislation!

Haha none. Just like alcohol is legal but you are not allowed to use it at work the same applies to substances like cannabis.You will surely find such a clause in the employee contract, not specifically referring to cannabis but in general terms.
I think from a PM perspective, AYD needs to be more clear on his question? I;e are you talking about managing a team that some start to use cannabis products in their day to day life as a supplement or are you talking about PM of Cannabis farms from seed to sales.
Personally I don't know what the question is asking to be honest.

please clarify.
Thanks for pointing out Abolfazl, for other countries that following-suit, the outcome would be useful guidance in many areas. Like Kiron and Anton points should be stated by HR in employment contracts/handbooks.

Concern about usage in or around the workplace, most organizations I have been in contact consider it like "Alcohol", you can't enter workspace if under the influence.
I know some construction worksites are considering testing at the door.
Some construction projects in the UK have mandatory testing in place for years, at the door of the construction projects for 'alcohol' and 'cannabis'.
Dear Abolfazl
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Or is it a non-issue? :-)

There are employment contracts that will have clauses on this matter (as they have for alcoholic beverages)
Within the Canadian Federal Government, policies are very clear. Essentially it is the same as alcohol use. The biggest issue is if you travel to the US where it is still illegal from a federal perspective. You can and will be denied entry if they believe you have used or purchased cannabis goods.

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