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How and where can I apply for this certification please - Certified Associate in Project Management?
I am seeking to change my job prospects in the near future and there will be some openings in project management. I have very littly experience in managing projects however I would like to learn more. Can you please guide me with regards to obtaining this certification? Thank you very much, Louiselle.
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Hi Louiselle, the best source to learn about certification progress, exam content and trainings are on the official PMI site, Project Management Institute.
Louiselle, as Lenka mentioned is the best source for exam preparation. Here is the url for certification process:

Here is the link for CAPM:
Thank you very much to both of you. I already checked the link and I am afraid I am not eligible because I have no hands on experience as such of project management. Since I started working several years ago I have been involved (mostly as a team member) in countless projects but none which lasted over a week or so. Is there a qualifications for real beginners in project management please?

Look at

Many discussion here should give you supplemental information

First thing will be to read PMBOK, enjoy

Bon succès
Thank you very much Vincent. I ordered the PMBOK this afternoon infact right after I became a member of PMI. I will take a good look at the link you suggested in the above post then and keep my fingers crossed. Nice weekend.
I guess the guys gave you all necessary information. Let us know if anything else is required.
Louiselle, you do not need project management experience, nor do you need project experience. All you need as a minimum is the 23 hours of project management education which you can do online at Udemy (see link below), for around $20, and of course read the CAPM handbook and exam content outline on the PMI website. So go for it!
Dear all, thank you so much for your help, good advice and tips which I will follow carefully. It is indeed good news that I don't need any concrete experience in order to be able to get this certification! Wishing you all a great weekend, best Louiselle
For each certification you will find into the PMI site related documentation. I highly recommend to read it and to understand it, mainly the certification handbook where you will find the requirements to apply and being accepted for a certification.
I think all information is available in PMI website!!!!

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