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MSc Project Management Vs MSc Construction Project Management
I want to do the master's. I am working as Planning Engineer at construction projects for 10 years. But I am confused that i should go for MSc Project Management or i should go for MSc Construction Project management. I did my bachelors in Civil Engineering.
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Hi Mobeen,

Becuz you are civil engineer and also you worked for 10 years in construction planning projects, I see the MSc Construction Project Management will be good choice for you.

Good luck.
Mobeen -

I'd agree with Mansour. Unless you have a potential thesis topic which is outside the realm of construction project management, I'd stick with that industry-focused degree if you are looking to further your career options.

I would go with Masters in Project Management. With your experience and line of work, why would you want to confine yourself to construction. If I were you, I would do the PM one.
Being general is better since you already have specific qualifications. So the MSc Project Management.
I appreciate and value all you guys opinions and input. I am inclined towards Msc construction project management distance learning from Nottingham Trent university and oxford Brookes university. But also got an admission in MSc project management at university of Manchester, which got me confused as it is one of the top ranked universities in the world. Does university matter in distance learning masters degree? For the professional development and career.

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