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Do you consider IT as enabler for enterprise-wide agility?

If yes, can you please include examples how does IT enabling agility? If you think that there is no relation, what would be the key enablers?
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Lenka -

Tooling to support agile delivery is one way in which IT can help. For example, virtual collaboration technologies and CI/CD tools could provide the necessary technical support for remote teaming and for early and regular delivery of business value.

IT leadership can also help their business counterparts appreciate the benefits and responsibilities of increasing agility.


One example I can give you is Electronic Kanban Board

No, I believe that strategy is the enabler. IT only provides tool that allow you to implement a strategy. So IT might be a strategy enabler but not an agility enabler. Just my opinion.

IT is an enabler of almost everything in the enterprise, Agility included. The various apps and software tools help teams to be autonomous and collaborate in ways they couldn't have done before.

I agree with Anton in that strategy should drive the agility. If IT happens to provide solutions that enable the strategy then IT can enable the agility. The key as an IT leader is to earn a spot at the table when strategy is being set as a thought leader so that you can help drive opportunities where IT can assist and drive the business forward.

IT can definitely be an enabler to agility. Use of modeling/simulation is an example. How do you triage your projects to determine the potential cost/benefit? Models of everything from a product, to the production system that builds it, to the business system architecture behind it can be used in a to better understand the impact of changes on a system of interest, and to predict the outcome from changes to it. The rapid ability to evaluate potential changes is an enabler to selecting those that will better fit the organizational objectives.

I think culture and strategic focus provides the fuel for organizational agility. In my experience, IT supports seamless integration and this facilitates an increase in agility and reduction in cost.

IT has several tools that can help enable agility. Several examples have been pointed out earlier. However, in my opinion IT is only a part of what is needed. As Anish stated, strategic focus and organizational culture are also necessary to be able to use the tools. To me, agility is a mindset, not just a process.

Thanks for all the contributions! Seems like agreement that IT is the enabler or at least contributes to the bigger enablers such as strategy and culture. Thanks!

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