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Project management without project managers
Hi everybody, just a question for thought.

We already have cab without dispatchers. Cash transactions without banks. Accommodation in another city without hotels. Phones without keyboards. Cars without drivers. Supermarkets without cashiers.

Can we one day have got project management processes without (or with minimal participation of) project managers? Maybe there're already such tools that automate most of your work? Or do we need something radically new to make it possible?
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You'll always need a project manager, if nothing else, simply to press the button that makes it happen...
I agree with most of long as the project manager adds value to the project, he and she will never be obsolete.
Looking at the examples cited it looks like more of AAS ( as a service) model, may be the project management of the future will follow this model. Project Manager as a service, but the project manager will always be there !
Yes, it is about the function, not the title. Anybody who had the knowledge can do it regardless of their title.
robot can't do conflict management,
Dear Kate
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Since I learned that airplanes are now exempt from the crew (pilot and co-pilot) and that throughout the air traffic control system controllers are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence I have no longer been certain about project management.
@Kate: in the shadows of all you mentioned there is a human being. I can say that becuase I worked on the type of initiatives you mentioned.On the other side, right now, there are projects without project managers. For example, if you use a framework like Scrum The point is not the role. The point is the functions the role performs.
The job of a project manager is to bring all the pieces together and sometimes these pieces do not fit together naturally. That's why one of the most important tools of project management is communication and being able to put these pieces together so that everybody can see the bigger picture and see the real tangible benefits in implementing the project. Project Managers deliver projects in unique and sometimes once off situations were there is no template to go on and must use all their expertise to deliver result, An example being the Apollo missions. As our exploration of a solar system expands we will be face with new challenges and maybe the job title may change but the fundamental principles and learnings will be similar. Automation has be around for nearly a century yet the need for project managers in that same time period has only increased. So maybe we can have cars without drivers but in a project its essential to always have somebody at the wheel.
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