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Any Formal Training Resources on Hybrid Project Management?

Does anyone have or know organizations that offer or have training materials on hybrid project management that mostly gravitate towards agile, scrum and lean approaches? I am cognizant of the fact that hybrid means different things to different people and organizations. I am looking at a situation where predictive, iterative, agile and incremental approaches are used; i.e. waterfall, agile, scrum are in use at varied levels; and the people may also benefit from learning and using lean methodologies. Reference materials and resources are appreciated in advance.
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Elizabeth because, as you say, hybrid means different things to different people it's going to be difficult getting the training you describe. Hybrid approaches are normally based on experience and on the job training where you would take what you know and combine it with what others have learned. I'm sure that since people realized that there is no single silver bullet many Agile training curriculums have some sort of reference to the subject though. But my personal experience is that at the moment it is very much a self taught subject.

I am in charge (from years ago) to define all related to project/program/portfolio management process in the organizations where I am working on. What you stated is not correct regarding the mixing you are searching for (I do not know how to right this comment better because english is not my first language but my intention is trying to help you). Then, here some subjection: 1-read the new PMBOK Guide mainly the first part because you will find a good description about life cycles including hybrid. 2-take a closer look to the following link. Forget it is about SAP. It works:

Elizabeth -

The closest I've seen is the courses and resources offered by the Disciplined Agile Consortium. Disciplined Agile Delivery provides a flexible, pragmatic decision-making framework for tailoring practices to projects regardless of where they fall on the predictive - adaptive continuum.


Thank you Kiron, Sergio and Anton for your input on my question. I'll follow the leads you have provided above.

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