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International Project Management Day 2018 - Online Conference - Earn up to 26 PDU's

Whether you are a project manager or agile practitioner, IIL's IPM Day online conference is set to deliver actionable insights to help you succeed in an age of digital disruption. Join us starting Thursday, November 1 for Keynote Sessions and Video Presentations, and earn up to 26 PDUs. Benefit from 90 days on-demand access and complimentary registration to two online courses on "Organization and People Change Management" and "Introduction to Program Management." members get a $10 discount. You can click the advertisement or look on the vendor events page for the link and the discount code will automatically be applied at checkout.
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Harold, thanks for sharing about IPM Day. I wanted to join this conference but due to prior commitment, it may not possible.

I attend it every year. Best speakers. A lot of useful information and communications.

Sounds good.

Thanks for the info Harold, it’s the first time I hear about it and it seems interesting but I won’t be able to attend this year unfortunately as I just knew about it and have other planned work related commitments.

Thanks for sharing the event details.

Good conference!!!

Just a note for those of you unable to attend. As Harold mentions in the post, you can still access the content for 90 days after the IPM day itself, so if you are interested, you can still get the benefit of the presentations.

Great stuff! The years go by so quick!

Thank you for sharing the conference.

Thanks for the information, Harold.

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