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Experience for PMI Certifications
I was wondering for those of you who have received the PMP certification and are either going to get, or have received other certifications like PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, do you have the 4500 hours of experience for the PMP, PLUS the additional 3000/3500 for the additional certifications? Or can you utilize the experience already entered towards the PMP?

I know the ACP and PBA use the PMP time + specific time, I was just curious if the RMP and SP are similar or if it is "fresh" hours which have not yet been recorded.
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Hi, you can use the same hours but only in the specific topic of risk management for PMI RMP certification or scheduling for PMI SP certificationn

If the hours fall into the needed categories and timeframe, then you can use and re-use.

The project management experience hours normally count toward some other certifications, like when I did the PMI-ACP.

I agree with Dinah and David. That’s what I did.

Agree with David

Agreed all!!

Also agree with David and Dinah :)

For these question, you really need to consult the PMI website. it clearly describes the requirements for each certificate.

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