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ISO recommendations for Project Management Software

Looking for recommendations for Project Management Software for our growing Software company.

Need to be able to create project plans for our implementation/installation of software to clients as well as track enhancement requests and other service incidents/tickets.

Looking for the ability to export project plans and share project plans across groups including both internal and external users/clients.

Our current program is dated and does not allow for communication or prioritization of tasks.
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Perhaps try Smartsheet or Asana.

If you are looking to share with your clients then I would recommend that you first investigate if they use any PM tools. That way, if there is some common ground there, you avoid having to introduce a new tool to the mix.

Best to keep it simple if you are working across lots of clients. In addition to Sante's recommendations, I find Trello good as the learning curve is not steep, it's easy to use, has sharing capabilities, plenty of integrations etc.

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