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Servant Leadership Skills

Servant Leadership empowers the team and servant leaders can help their teams to collaborate to deliver value faster. What Servant Leadership Skills are essential for Agile Teams to enable the highest possible team performance?
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for me, Servant Leadership starts with Emotional Intelligence, which means originally five skills sets:
1. being self-aware which increases self-confidence and is needed for building resilience
2. being able to control your emotions, to listen, feel and think before reacting, knowledge of Davod Rock's SCARF model helps
3. being compassionate, love yourself, your project and your team/clients
4. be empathetic, active listening, trying to understand the motivation of others
5. influencing others in an ethical way

On top of that, humility helps to understand the limits of your own capabilities and to value the potential of the team. Servant leadership means to leverage that team potential.

Besides that, I believe a good project manager not only relies on one leadership style, but can adapt her style to the situation. PMBoK ed. 6 lists 6 leadership styles.

Servant leadership skills mean that the leader, coach or scrum master, is empowering the team, coaching them, leads them through the project execution but does not make decisions for the team. Very important skills are leadership as such, emotional intelligence, facilitation of meetings, coaching and mentoring, communication of the team issues to the business management and getting their support, problem solving facilitation.

Damian -

In addition what Lenka has indicated, while these aren't skills, the values defined in the Scrum Guide are a good basis for high team performance and need to be modeled by everyone within the team - respect, courage, discipline and so on...


Letting go of the command and control structure, understanding human psychology, being able to get others to find solutions rather than impose your ideas on them...

I think in agile environment, a project manager as a servant leader should always track probable changes ahead, judge their impacts, keep the team informed, try to find the solution in collaborative manner, facilitate training if needed, maintain team dynamism and pave the way for project success....

A servant leader inspires team members and seeks out their opinions, encourages and values each team member's contributions.

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