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Which PMI certification gave you the biggest value added in your career?

When deciding which certifications to take, which one actually gave you the most? In terms of learning, progression in your career, connecting with other professionals?
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Lenka -

Assuming you meant PMI certifications (as otherwise there would be just one viable answer to your question :-) ), I'd have to rewind all the way back to Y2K when I got my PMP certification. At that time, it was still a differentiator for me in the local job market, and through the study process for the exam I learned a number of concepts and tools which I wouldn't have been exposed to through my hands-on experience.

1 reply by Sarah Fischer
Jan 04, 2019 3:27 PM
Sarah Fischer
Replying to Kiron's response because upvoting it did not feel adequate enough.

Having recently completed the PMP, I would like to second the notion that what you learn about project management - and also about yourself - through the process of obtaining this credential is invaluable moving forward.

Best of luck, Lenka!

Thanks Kiron, corrected.

I do not have any idea about all certifications from PMI except PMP. Of course it has added value and confidence to my daily work. I have been inspired by my work environment that has motivated me to pursue this certification. At present, I do not see any impact to my career progression, hopefully something will come up in near future. Generally, I would say only certification alone may not be sufficient, understanding and adapting with organizational culture, structure, bureaucracy and politics required. I think there is no specific guideline.

I suggest you pursue knowledge that you will use, not certifications. If a certification is the best method of learning, go for it (but there are indeed many other methods).

My actual work experiences and performance drove my career progression.

I guess we have to say the PMP since it is the foundation that is laid before the other certifications.

None. There is not a certification that will give you stated in your question.

Offcourse PMP,
Not only it gave me structured approach to my work but it gave me confidence, lots of PM knowledge, distinction within my circle and last but not the least a handsome salary raise ( may be the last one matters the most in the

There are many certificates based on your position and career!!!


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