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Looking for a PMP study partner.

I am a BA and have acted as project manager for couple projects. Looking to give my PMP certification. Looking for a study partner/ tips/ suggestions on how to prepare for PMP.
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First of all, read PMP tips in PMI website especially exam outline carefully. Take a course from Udemy. Then, read PMBOK cover to cover carefully in more one time and rita book for understanding only. After that, solve thousands questions on PMSTUDY, PMPRECAST & Udemy and ensure your score not less than 85%. PMSTUDY solve alll questions is very helpful!!! Final, rest and apply exam.

Good luck

1) Have some formal training on the entire course. This gives you a brief idea of entire PMBOK and Exam
2) Read PMBOK atleast 2-3 Times
3) Read Rita 2 Times and solve questions at the end of each chapter
4) Once you have enough study, give online exam from different websites to get hang of what to expect in exam and speed.

Read PMBOK throughly and relate every question in exam to your real life office situation.
Also doing a lot of questions helped me a lot in cracking the exam.

Recently gave the exam (3rd Nov) and failed :) Planning to retake in 6 weeks timeframe.
I read the PMBOK but did not solve many questions before taking the exam .. But now realize, it is better to solve as many questions as possible to get the knack of solving the questions as per PMBOK .. the biggest challenge is "you always tick the answer based on your experience .. but as per PMBOK it is not the preferred or the best approach ... very difficult to comprehend .." only way is to solve as many questions as possible .. we can discuss further offline if needed ..

I concur with my colleagues here.
Read PMBOK and Rita's guide and try several on-line exams, this will help you to understand where you stand on your preparations for PMP.

Reshma, it seems Praveenkumar has kindly offered to assist you offline. Good luck with the exam retake :-)

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