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PDU Options for Construction?
I struggle with the PDU options offered by PMI, what are resources that folks in the Construction Industry are using that are PMI approved?

My local PMI chapter and PMI/ are very heavy in IT and Process Topics...anyone have approved resources for Construction and or Environmental Management? I would like my PDUs to be more relevant!
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Tina, check the webinars on and Article under the Topic: Constrcution. Many are specific to construction or at least related. Hope this helps.
Thank you. That helps. I appreciate it.
1 reply by Rami Kaibni
Nov 06, 2018 1:02 PM
Rami Kaibni
You’re Welcome
Nov 05, 2018 6:56 PM
Replying to Tina Mudd
Thank you. That helps. I appreciate it.
You’re Welcome
You can also take a look at PMI's Construction Extension to the PMBOK:
I think you may also try a search on the PMI Online Courses catalog with the key words "Construction", "A/E", "AEC", or the such (you must first click on the more courses button at the bottom of the list to be able to search by topic - this is something PMI could improve).

Try this:

Hope this helps.
Most responses to this query do not have any experience with the CEU processes required for maintaining and updated our various Construction licenses and Certifications.
My family utilizes RED VECTOR for these classes and services. Whenever I need to prove past Subject Matter or prove Training, I can access the RV site and my CEU's for the past 20 years are all great for us.

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