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Ondemand courses to earn PDUs

Hello. I am registered for a webinar on project management business analysis tomorrow. I was just reading the PDU information where I realized even if I study these courses on demand rather than live till february 7 next year I can earn the respected PDUs.
I appreciate to know if this is correct and if so, how may I find these courses on demand.
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Yes, true and for every session / webinar, you will earn PDU’s that will be automatically reported.

Thank you. May I ask you where can I find the list of the on-deman courses?

When you log into the portal, whether during the conference or after, you will see a list of all of the presentations under the sessions tab. The link to the portal will come in an email or you can find it on this site under Events - On Demand

If you go to the Events menu on this site, you should be able to see the on-demand webinars.

Here is the link:

If you go to sub item of Projectmanagement .com portal on Webinar ,you will find On Demand webinars which will help you to get the PDUs free.
You can access projectmanagement,com through the route of CCRS portal through online training.
Trust it will be ease out your problem

Top-left link on this page to "Webinars".
What is the difference between premium and non-premium webinars?

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