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Topics: Business Analysis, Requirements Management
PMI® Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2018 presentations
I missed the Keynote address, will watch later. Watched the Define and Elaborate Requirements: Secrets for Achieving Project Success session which was just OK. Now watching The BA Role in Transitioning a Project's Outcome / Capability to Operations and it is very interesting and well presented. Looking forward to the remaining sessions.
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So far, all sessions are full of useful information. But, David Davis's session was wonderful.
I have been attending the sessions. Good information!
Interesting presentation so far!!
Thanks for the update.
Keynote speaker was good. Just watched on demand. Due to meetings today :(, I will be watching everything else On Demand. Very interesting conference so far. Can't wait to listen to the rest.
Dinah, totally agreed it was great event and good knowledge more over there was no sound problem. Sound was load and clear.
Not able to join. Hope to have opportunity to view recorded sessions.
How i will claim PDUs
It was great conference. I was able to attend most sessions.
It was a great conference especially Define and Elaborate Requirements: Secrets for Achieving Project Success session!!!
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