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how can i prepare for my second time exam of PMP

as just for my November is starting, i am planning to my PMP exam attend for my second time, how will it be well planned and sequence/resource/time allocation for it?

As i felt frustrated on a month preparation on last time, should it be good practice to read PMBOK guide and memorize it by wording?

Anyone that can share with and the experience of the planning on it?
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I think you need One month and Two weeks time for preparing exam based on PMBOK 6. Make sure you read PMBOK Guide. I would say, two times will be good and advisable. No need to memorize it by words. Make sure you are familiar with the concepts and ITTO's of all 49 processes. For refreshing the concepts you can go through the Glossary at the end of the book. Don't worry, I also passed my PMP in my second attempt. But in addition to PMBOK, I used to refer "PMP Exam Prep. (Based on PMBOK6 - By RMC - Rita Mulchay)". In fact, this is the book which actually helped me in winning this title. I read this book 2-3 times and then only I got a clear idea of the concepts discussed in PMBOK 6. It will be good if you can purchase this book for your studies. Also, its Exam Simulator is very helpful ("PM Fasttrack Ver.9)". It is really matching with actual exam. It will be good if you take at least 2 real exams using this simulator before your exam date. I hope, this will work for you. So try it out, and All the best for your exams.


First of all, read PMP tips in PMI website especially exam outline carefully. Then, read PMBOK cover to cover carefully in more one time and rita book for understanding only. After that, solve thousands questions on PMSTUDY, PMPRECAST & Udemy and ensure your score not less than 85%. PMSTUDY solve alll questions is very helpful!!! Final, rest and apply exam.

Good luck

In addition to studying PMBOK guide and Rita, I am also of the opinion that you solve as many questions as you can find, keep solving those questions, checking up PMBOK for proper explanation of correct answers and even the explanations of the questions you got right. This will go a long way to aid your better understanding without having to memorise. All the best.

A couple of things first,
1. If you have already been practicing PM role, then it should be okay understanding the concepts in PMBOK with a month-long practice or more.
2. If you have not for long enough, then allow more time.

Now, when you are preparing, keep these points in mind and understand each one of us have our pace of learning and applying

1. Conceptial understanding and problem solving by application of the knowledge gained from PMBOK is critical for passing the test.
2. PMBOK is the go-to resource at all times. I would suggest, follow PMBOK and review the same topic using RMC book as she gives more examples and then move on. Instead of doing two guides independently.
3. Do at least two mock tests from online testing. Generally, people say, if you scored anything higher than 70% in those, you will possibly pass the real test too. I scored 68-72 on those tests and I passed my PMP in my first attempt. It took me 6 weeks of preparation spending around 3 hours a day.

All the best.
Coming to memorizing, don't need to memorize anything except for ITTO's(that too after understanding the sequence of processes and how they are tied back into the knowledge areas). Hope this helps.

First of all, I always say that studying is not a one size fits all activity. You need to figure out what works best for you. Are you a visual person, audio person or tactile person. I learn by writing. The tactile process of writing something down allows me to better remember. Some people love the mind maps. Some just do a lot of reading. You need to study the way that you learn.
Now, saying that, I am a big proponent of practice tests. When you take them, do not focus on the answers your got right. Review the wrong answers. Why did you choose that one? What were you not understanding about the question? Use these to retrain your mind to think like a PMP. I took several mock tests for each of my certifications. Probably answered 2000 questions before the PMP. These tests are made to train you how to read and answer the question.
Good luck. And if anything stumps you in your studies, come back here and ask for help.

Look at the results to determine your weak areas. Preparation time depends on the individual. Maybe one month was insufficient? I'd suggest understanding would be more valuable than memorization.

Good luck

Deepa and Dinah gave you some good advise.

Do not memorize anything because this exam goes beyond any text book or info memorization. It tests your experience more than anything else but of course they are some questions that are easy. You need to see which domains you did score low in the first attempt and work on improving those areas.

Try to understand things deeply more than memorizing.

Good Luck !

A few of my suggestions. It is not about memorizing the book. It is about knowing what to do with that knowledge. The test is situational, and memorizing terms will not be that helpful. But memorizing the process chart is. That was extremely helpful to me.

Also, take a lot of practice exams. That helped me a lot. I felt very comfortable going into the exam because of this. Make sure you are scoring in between 70-80%.

lastly, I used StormWind for my classes and the RMC book as an aid. I opted for the all inclusive which came with the book, flashcards, and quizzes. This was probably the best investment I put into studying as they really helped me understand things from other perspectives that helped.

Good Luck!

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