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PDU question

I’m a new PMP holder and I have a question about PDUs. I understand you have to earn a certain number of PDUs in the talent triangle. I’m curious if PDUs can be earned for training in the field in which the Pm works? For example, I work in the IT field if I take a class in networking or data center can I use those hours towards PDUs or do they strictly have to be Project Management related?
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It should somehow be Project Management related. Some technical courses contain some project management aspects too - You can also earn PDU's by watching webinars here if you are a premium member and those are directly / automatically reported.

You may be able to depending on whether or not the training provider is registered or accredited with PMI, and whether the material relates to the certification.

"In order to allow students to claim contact hours/PDUs from a GAC accredited program, the program’s core project management courses/modules must be registered in PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS)."

I have used IT classes for technical PDU's. If I can find them to report them in the CCRS database then I can use them. I have, on occasion, searched for a class in CCRS before taking it.

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