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Official Lean Six Sigma Certification?

So I have been looking into obtaining a Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Certification, but unlike PMI, there seem to be multiple sources of "certification" authorities out there. Any advise of whether the accreditation should be issued by ASQ, IASSC or CSSC?
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IASSC and ASQ are the highest respected organizations I have heard of. I have a Green Belt from IASSC. I am not familiar with CSSC. The only reason I chose IASSC over ASQ was because I lost contact with the Black Belt I knew for several years. ASQ requires a Black Belt to verify. The material is fairly similar as far as I understand.

Diego, my organization is going with this company.

They are accredited Training Organization with the IASSC

Good Luck!

I agree with Joshua. For Yellow and maybe Green Belts, it may not be a big deal but for Black Belt, you may want to go to the best certification bodies as it heavily is based on experience.

Good advice, GB seems to be the most popular now.

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