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There was an interesting question asked by one of the PMP aspirants. Can we call writing a project charter as a project
A project is temporary. Results into a unique product, service.
Can we call (for example) writing a project charter as a project in itself?
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Hi Ajit! Thanks for posting this interesting question!
In my view, for a very large, complex project, developing the charter can indeed be an exercise that can be considered a mini project.
After all, the activity is a temporary endeavour, and it is undertaken output of such a project, the CHARTER, is a document that is a unique document!
More like a task or milestone.
Things like constraints and assumptions inside the project charter MAKE it " unique document" consequently if it is a big &* complex project" then the create charter will be also a project itself.

Also we can find in practice there is one project charter will benefit for many projects.
(it can be found in program projects level).
Ajit -

A project is expected to deliver some value.

A charter is a means to achieving value, and if we are talking about a TRUE charter (i.e. a short document authorizing a project's existence) then I'd agree with Andrew.

I would say no in the sense of using it for an actual project. But if it is for example an educational assignment to produce a Project Charter, sure.
A project charter is a means to initiate a project that will deliver value so calling it a project by itself is probably not the most favorable.
It can be a phase (initiation/feasibility). I've worked in organisation with stage gate approach where the deliverable of the first phase was the charter only, The project can be canned at any stage gate.
You can refer in PMBOK on integration management chapter!!!
Good question. Writing a Project Charter is a project in itself. All the components of a projects are generally mandatory to pass the first gate (Project Charter approval) successfully on a complex project. More complex the project isforesighted, more complex is the Project Charter to define it.
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