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Seeking opinions: Productive ways to conduct PMO meetings in a large organization.
Working in a large organization on a large scope initiative for replacing a new platform. In our work, we coordinate with IT, managers. We are on the business side and conduct status reporting to the program bi-weekly. There are currentrly8-10 PM's and 3 PC's. We would like to increase productivity in how we share project updates.
Currently there are not formal meetings at our PMO level that provides opportunities to for PM's share status, understand synergies and best practices for addressing roadblocks to increase knowledge. We have on Program level SME who is brilliant, but whose time is limited.

I'd like to hear best practices, times your org structure and reporting went well, how it was shared as well as some of the challenges it may have created as well. I am working to bring fresh content suggestions to strategic planning meetings.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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One of my duties inside the Enteprise PMO is being part of the Strategy, Process and Innovation Group inside the PMO. I belong to the LATAM division of the PMO. So, I am in charge to run what you stated. Inside the PMO we have portfolio, program and project managers then the first thing is taking into account of that. We performed bi-weekly sessions (1 hour) talking about portfolio, program, project progress but at the "Scrum Style": what we done/what we will do/what roadblocks we need to remove. The intention is to integrate information for moving forward, not to talk about the details that are in hands on each of the roles. The other meeting we performed is bi-weekly and it is about to talk about strategy and process we have to run to assure value creation. I am the chair in both meetings. Hope it helps.
Thank you Sergio, in the PMO meeting, how many project managers do you have and what is the best way to steer people away from jumping off topic? Give each person a specific # of minutes per project?

And, what might a strategy meeting and process to assure value creation agenda look like?

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