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How I past PMP Exam

I attended PMP training at the week of 2nd July 2018, after about 3.5 months preparation, I past the PMP exam on 25th October 2018. I would like to summary some my experience for how to preparing PMP exam.
1. My read book:
o Head First PMP: a quite good book, it can describe very easily to understand the knowledge by simple example (like do a project like to bakery cookie.)
o Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep: the first book for teaching how to prepare PMP exam. Very good book, but the disadvantage is quite wording compare with Head First PMP.
o Simple fried PMBOK 6th from my attend PMP Training: only points the major contents from PMBOK.
o I only read Data flow diagram from PMBOK and only my weak KA in PMBOK. Due to I have not a lot of time to prepare exam. Besides my working time.
2. My practice for Mockup test
o I only practiced about 2000 test questions about 9 set of Mock test. I followed Rati’s approach, to analysis each my done Mock test result to analysis the reason why I got wrong, and identified my wrong question is in which PG and which KA. Then I summarized a table to analysis my wrong area major in where (i.e. Risk, Procurement and PICC, I found these area is my weak knowledge area)
o Then, I re-read my weak knowledge area again, and took some mock test my weak KA.
o And make sure if you can get about 75 correct when you take the Mock test in 1st time. Actually from many experts’ suggestion you should take 80 or above correct then you could have great confidence to pass the exam. Unfortunately, I didn’t reach the suggested above 80 score in my first tried Mock up test. Anyway from my experience, you should take at least 70 correct score in 1st time of the Mock up test, then you should have confidence to pass the exam. If your score will be lower than 70, it suggest not to book the exam, and analysis what knowledge area you are weak, and make a learning plan to improve.
o I would not suggest to do a lot of Mock test, otherwise you will memorize the Mock question. It will not good for your real exam. You may not see the Mock test question in the real test. I think I should really master the knowledge I could pass the exam.

3. How did I prepare the Exam?
o It is very good if you can go through your learned knowledge based on PMI published PMP exam outline. The link is the following.
I finally noticed this outline just before exam few days, and I only gothrough just 1 day before the exam. I print out the outline, and looked each task and thought about what exactly of the related knowledge it should be. If I could not recall the knowledge, then I re-read it in the book.
I felt it really helped me a lot.
o Before 2 week of the exam, I spent all of my rest of time after working to prepare exam. I spent about 2 hours to reread my weak knowledge, and review the Mockup test wrong question and re-read Rita book.
o In weekend I spend a morning to simulate exam by a Mock test about 4 hours. I summarized my style break approach: complete 100 question, have about 5 minutes’ break, then continue the rest 100. Then analysis wrong question reason. Then reread my weak KA in the next week.
o Before exam 3 days, I took annual leave to prepare. My plan was:
Day 1: simulate a Mock test and analysis wrong answer reason
Day 2: go through Rita book by my highlighted points
Day 3: go through PMP exam outline
o I stopped preparation at evening prior to the exam, and done some relax exam in the evening after dinner. I would like to suggest you should take a good sleep before the exam, rather to prepare the exam in the late of the night.
However, each person should have different style, please find your comfortable approach to prepare your exam.
o Each well for the breakfast before the exam. My exam was in the morning. I could not let me hungry during the exam, so I ate a lot in the morning.

Finally, I past exam, when I saw “Congratulations …” I know I past exam by my hard study these months.
My friend told me that she didn’t really read PMP related book, she past exam that she only done some Mock test. I would like to say it may have genius who may not spend a lot of time to study and could pass the exam. But I’m not a genius, I think if I could not understand the knowledge, I could not pass the exam. So I need to read a lot and think approach how to past the exam.
Hope my above experience will help to you. Good luck, cheers!
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Congrats Jie. Welcome to the PMP club

Welcome to the PMP club and good luck for your future projects.

Wonderful. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience with the community.

Jie, like my friend Andrew said "Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience with the community" and that was actually very short path that you have passed your exam.
1 reply by Jie Pan
Nov 29, 2018 4:29 AM
Jie Pan
Yeah, maybe. I had quite hard study in past months besides working time. thanks for the blessing.



Thanks all the warm comments.

Nov 27, 2018 11:10 AM
Replying to Riyadh Salih
Jie, like my friend Andrew said "Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience with the community" and that was actually very short path that you have passed your exam.
Yeah, maybe. I had quite hard study in past months besides working time. thanks for the blessing.

Congratulation on passing your exam

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