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Common Mistakes - That Project Manager Needs To Avoid That Even a Seasoned Professional Can Learn From - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Things are going well on your project. Milestones are being delivered. The stakeholders and the team are in unison. Than you talk to one person and they tell you that they wouldn’t be able to deliver one of their tasks. A stakeholder complains that project is not going fast enough. The project owner wants to reprioritize deliverables. You start to get overwhelmed. You start talking to folks, scheduling meeting to notify folks of the BIG changes that are coming up. The folks are now worried that with all the changes that the project will be delayed. Folks are now delaying their items for the fear that if there is a mistake that they will be blamed for project delay. A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
Take a deep breath before you do anything else.
It’s part of everyday business life. Things change. We adjust and move on. If you as a leader of the project - set the stage that things change and we adjust our plans. You point out were we currently are and where we are going to be. You point out priorities and the reasons why things change. All other folks will follow because there is a plan.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Project completes on time.

What’s your Self-Fulfilling experience?

Change is an inevitable part of life, the only constant that is there is 'CHANGE'. Yes, we need to keep checking the progress, unplan-plan-replan, and motivate the team members to focus on the present tasks, complete them without worrying about the past or getting anxious about the future. My experience is that this approach works...

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