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Would you put a 4.0 GPA for a masters program on a resume?

I've heard it said that once you get a masters degree or above, nobody cares about your GPA anymore...which is good because my bachelors degree GPA was not outstanding. :-)

Although I probably did a lot more work than actually necessary, I managed to get a perfect GPA in my MS program at a very good school. Is that something worth putting on my resume itself, or just something to look back on for personal gratification at this point?
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Congrats on your MS - You can put the GPA on your resume but not sure it would make a big difference because having a high GPA or a masters degree just reflect that you have the knowledge but what matters most for recruiters is your actual experience. Hope this makes sense.

Hi Keith, I agree with Rami. I would put it there. But if you have years and years of experience it would probably not make a difference for recruiters.

I would not put the GPA, but would certainly share that you graduated with honors by specifying Summa Cum Laude.

Congrats btw. Super achievement. And shows you are not one for the status quo, but one who strives to excel. You should be very proud of your achievement.

I recommend including your GPA. I don't think recruiters will even glance at it, but if a hiring decision comes down to you and someone with a similar background, as a hiring manager I might interpret your GPA as an indication that you push yourself to excellence even though you're an experienced professional (as opposed to someone who is just coasting until retirement). Now that I think about it, displaying high GPAs might generally benefit older workers looking to show they can compete with younger candidates.

Thanks everyone for the input! I very much appreciate the varied opinions and insights from peers.

I would not put the GPA unless I was going for my first job out of college or grad school. The fact that you have a masters is sufficient but as others have said here, prior work experience would matter more than a 4.0 or 3.5 GPA, especially since not all 4.0 GPAs are created equal, depending on the school/program.

Definitely a great achievement.

Since no negative consequence has been pointed out thus far; and considering that the effort required in putting is negligible, I would put my GPA on my resume regardless of whether it makes a difference or not.

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