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Does anyone have a format for documenting Business Analysis experience?
I used an excel based template to document my PM experience, but I have not found a similar method for BA experience. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share what they used to document their BA work.
Hi David,
If you're at this website and you're a PMP, then no doubt you have access to the free downloads on PMI.ORG for the various Books Of Knowledge. I would go there first and download the book "Business Analysis for Practitioners - A Practice Guide". Just like the PMBOK, it is a very structured book and I believe that this would be your best bet to build your Excel template to document your BA experience.
Like most templates for this purpose a simple formula, which can be put into Excel columns should suffice. Basically a column for "Opportunity", "Expected Costs if the Opportunity was not addressed", "The tools/methods used to address the Opportunity" and, finally, "The realized benefits and saved costs from addressing the opportunity". Of course you would include columns that include the company/industry as well as the date of when these Opportunities presented themselves to you.
I do hope that this helps.
Best Wishes,

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