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Why "Blog" is considered as Push Communication?


In PMBOK v6, page 374, under COMMUNICATION METHODS, in Push Communication: why "blogs" is considered as Push communication not Pull Communication?

As a PM, if I have a blog, I put/add the content on it (as a blog post), then the stakeholders will open my blog and see the information I have added, this is similar to a web portal for example (which is categorized as pull communication).

I'm not aware about a way to push the blog posts to the stakeholders. Are there a blog type other than the traditional web blogs I know (i.e ? Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you
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Blogs inherently follow a publish/subscription model. It is considered as push because blogs have a subscription service; well most do. When you 'publish' the content, subscribers are automatically notified.

Unfortunately, the blogs in this community do not follow the above model.

Ibrahim -

To add to Andrew's feedback, many bloggers (yours truly included) will push their new articles using other social media platforms. For example, a link to a blog posting might be shared on Twitter or on a Slack chat group.


Depends on the viewpoint. The blog writer pushes. Readers browsing the internet are pulling.

Thank you all for your valuable replies.

So it depends on some factors before having a real "push" blog, such as the enabled features (subscription, integration with other social media platforms...etc) as well as the viewpoint.

Similarly, web portals maybe push or pull then, by default and using the common standards it's pull, but if I include subscription feature in it (for example), it can be push as well, not sure if anyone agrees with me on this, but I'm talking here from software engineering perspectives as well as a PM.

I'm not trying to confuse anyone, but just want to be 100% understanding. As you know, sometimes the emerging practices and technology advance can affect or tweak the traditional practices.


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