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Change Management Qualification

I'm looking for some recommendations. Have you done a Change Management course that you can recommend? It would ideally be online or based in Europe.

What I'd like it to cover:
- How to manage effective change management in your projects
- Organisational change management
- Developing and implementing change management plans

Have there been any providers/courses that you wouldn't recommend?

I've found some local courses and APMG but would like a personal recommendation before making a decision.

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I don't have much experience and interaction with change management courses, but I've recently started listening to an audio book called "Switch: How to change things when change is hard" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. They keep it simple and interesting. I'm on chapter 2 right now.


Thanks John! I'm always interested in learning more. This looks like a nice audio book!

My current client has been using ProSci (which teaches the ADKAR change framework) for many years and is very happy with their delivery. They are global and have presence in Europe...


John: That's a great suggestion! I too have read and benefited from that excellent book.
Chip and Dan Heath have also written another excellent book very useful to Project Managers. It is titled "Decisive."

Thanks Kiron! That's really helpful and their courses look really interesting.

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