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PM Center of Excellence vs. PMO

My organization's Project Management Maturity is developing. We are to the point where we have about 10 PM's who have "grown up" in different parts of the company (IT, Marketing, other business lines, etc). I've read about the advantages and disadvantages of the Project Management Office (PMO) organizational method versus the Center of Excellence (CoE) concept. I'd really like some feedback on the IMPLEMENTATION of these concepts in your organization over time.

1. Are you organized as a PMO or a CoE?
2. What do you like most about the way your PM activities are organized?
3. What needs the most improvement?
4. If you could start over how would you organize differently?
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My current org has both. The PMO sets the stage, the CoE refines. It works well enough but there can be confusion about which group is responsible for what. It's a learning cycle.

I very much enjoy the discussions that our CoE fosters. PMs talking about their experience, what works, what doesn't, how they resolved a problem. Given my druthers, I'd promote this further, with the PMO then responsible for setting up structures that take this chatter forward.

There's a good article on this on PMI's website:


Excellent article. I like how the transformative effort is laid out as a change and project management exercise. Thanks for the help!


You're welcome John.

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