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I'm new to the Project Management Profession and I could use some Advice.

How do I go about possibly finding someone to mentor me? Do I have to go through my local chapter, or how do that work?
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Welcome to this community - It is best and most reasonable that you approach your local chapter with a mentor request and it is best if you mentor was local so you can meet face to face.

I agree with Rami, go to your local chapter and meet some of the other project managers there. Listen to their stories of their experiences and the type of companies/departments they work in. Their experiences may help you a lot in dealing with real life situations that are not covered in the PMBOK.

Agree with Rami.
Self reading and googling also helps but one has to spends lots of time & effort


That's a really good question. Remember that it is very rare to find all the skills and abilities of leadership, technical knowledge and strategic PM capabilities in one person. Therefore, it is ok to have more than one mentor. I would start by doing what you're doing right now. Asking questions of the community, and connecting with your local chapter. Best wishes on your journey!!

The local chapter is definitely a good idea. however, you may find someone in your field of expertise or industry. For example, look at the people you like to be in his/her position. they may be a good one to develop your relationship with and convince them to accept your mentorship.

I agree that starting with your local chapter is a great idea. Also, think about what you want to get out of a mentor. That may help direct where you want to go.
For example, are you looking for someone to support you with:
- preparing for a certification
- understanding job opportunities
- learning how to handle certain types of situations
- planning your career

Not to go off tangent for a second, the one thing that may help in this type of situation is if we could easily search our contacts on this site by where they are located. In which case Alphonso could do a search and realize Jane Doe is a neighbor with great experience that may be interested in doing some mentoring. OK. Back on track.

If you have luck finding a mentor, whether through your local chapter or through another avenue, please share. Others have come on this site asking the same question and your journey may help them. Good Luck.


Great point. You can search for potential networking connections by geographic location. I believe that pulls this from your profile and then presents others within close proximity. You can find this by:

1. Hover over your name on the top black menu bar
2. Drop down options will appear
3. Select "build my network"
4. Select the tab all the way on the right on the next screen--"geographic proximity

Alphonso, welcome to the profession.

My colleagues are right with suggesting trying to find a mentor thru the local Chapter. Another idea is to checkout toastmasters, they have local clubs and now an excellent leadership track. Leadership is one of three competencies for project managers to master and develop.

Another option is to find a remote mentor, I am regularly doing mentorship calls thru skype with 3 or 4 mentees. Yes, I met them once face to face, but it also works otherwise.

Think you can ask some of the gurus in this network, after checking if their background would suit your circumstances.

A new tool by PMI helps you understand the PM language better, it is designed for new entrants into the profession:

Alphonso -

Before looking for a mentor, define your mentoring objectives. What are you hoping to achieve, what is the timeframe you are looking at, and what sort of experience or competencies would a mentor have? If you can't answer those questions, it's like that old cliche of "If you don't know where you are going, any destination will do".

Be as specific as possible to ensure you find the right mentor and that your expectations are met.


Alphonso: Thanks for enriching our community with this very interesting discussion post!
As several experienced PMs have posted here, your local PMI Chapter should be your first port of call. I know of several chapters that have formal, well-established Mentoring programs that have produced great results.
Before doing that, as Kiron pointed out, you will need to be very clear of what you are expecting of a mentor.
If you are not able to find the right mentor through your local chapter, please check out LinkedIn which very recently launched a mentoring program.
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