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Can someone suggest a plan for a datacenter movement from one place to other ?
Hi All,

I have to relocate a data center. Could someone help me to prepare a plan to complete it?

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Hi Prashant

This is a very complicated and detailed project which needs a Technical Architect , A couple of infrastructure specialists and a couple of Network Engineers at the very least

You need to know the As-is state and the to be state of The networking, the hardware in terms of blades and storage arrays, the virtual infrastructure
You need to know what applications are hosted on your infrastructure
You need to think about the power , networking , space and hardware considerations at your destination
You may potentially need to migrate Virtual Machines from the Old VM Farm (perhaps running an older version of VMWare) to the new VM Farm (using newer version of VMWare)
You may have some older physical servers which you may need to "lift" and "Shift" instead of migrating because they may be running some proprietary applications which cannot be migrated in the near future
You may have the potential to "virtualize" some of the physical servers.
You may have some application development projects in transit that would need new infrastructure and you need capacity planning to put it in the new data center.
You may need a proof of concept application to be hosted in the new data center.
You need to think of Disaster Recovery? which one is likely to be your secondary data center?
You may need collaboration with multiple vendors . eg VMWare, HP, IBM depending on your hardware provider.

You may find templates online but it's not one size fits all because your infrastructure and technology is likely to be very different to that used by some other companies.
I agree with Deepesh. For a simple idea of the scope alone, you can actually search on Google for "Data Center Relocation Work Breakdown Structure" and on the Project Diva website there is a generic 4 level WBS.

I've seen one down to about 6 levels and it's at least 20 pages long. That's just the WBS, but it gives an idea of what needs to be planned. It is not a small job, that is for sure.
Thanks Deepesh and Keith.

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