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What is an Agile Project?

Recently I had a couple of interesting experience. The scope of the project was signed off in the initiation stage, because of contractual constraints between vendor/consultants and the client organisation.
The project had a Project Manager and a Scrum Master, daily stand-ups, retrospectives, reviews,sprint planning BUT
1) The project Backlog was static, backlog items had separate tasks for BA, developer, tester and those roles were performed by specialised people.
2) There was only one release to production, after SIT and UAT.
Do you consider this project an Agile project?
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I'd call it Hybrid. There are varying levels of hybrid, as in the pendulum can swing more in one direction than the other. Not atypical for vendors with a product or service to have a specific implementation approach and strategy, delivered by specialized consultants.

There is no such thing as an "agile project". Agile is a relative term - one person's "fully agile" is another's "waterfall 2.0".

If we have projects delivered using a fully predictive lifecycle on one end and those that use fully adaptive lifecycles on the other end, the vast majority of projects will fall somewhere between those two extremes and it's up to individual teams or organizations to decide what the threshold is for them declaring a given context to be agile or not.


We can consider this as Agile delivery. I will explain why.

The requirement is, say, Dec 1st the Project LIVE due to regulatory requirement. We can start the development early and start moving the code to QA as Sprint completes / incremental. As the Sprint(s) complete [you mentioned the Backlog wa static], the final code is in UAT and well tested by the Users and finally the code moved to Production [say 11/30].

Your second point, I will call it as Going LIVE

Generally, when we need regulatory approvals, they provide 90 days in advance to enter into market.

yes, i think we can consider it as Agile project.

I agree with Kiron and Andrew's comments.

Totally agree with Kiron

Thanks for sharing the problem and making us think, and Kiron thanks for your valuable comments.

It's always good to read the requirements :)
My question is what is an AGILE PROJECT, not what is a hybrid project or what is Agile delivery.I probably also agree with Kiron but... there are few Agile PM certifications. Agility is in my opinion an attribute, any methodology can be Agile, I don't see any problem with using Agile practices in a project managed using a PMBoK inspired methodology.

I don't believe that the project in my example can be considered Agile, not even hybrid. A fundamental characteristic of any Agile framework is embracing change, without a formal Change Control process. A static Backlog means that there is no change. Moreover Design, Build, SIT, UAT is a classic "waterfall" approach.
Why do we need Agile Project Managers if there are no (pure) Agile projects?

1) there is no such thing as 'moving the code through QA'. Quality Assurance is a process that covers the entire project delivery and is not specific to software development, QA is the responsibility f the PM. I assume that you mean QC, a nicer name for testing.
2) according with the Scrum framework at the end of the sprint the product increment is potentially shippable, that means that it can (and it should) be released to production.The only reason for delaying release to production is business readiness.
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