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Who's the Scrum Master's manager?

The new role: Scrum Master is define as a Manager, although there is no clear definition of the managerial level. To perform as described in the Scrum Guide the person needs a degree of authority, skills and experience that are not similar with the ones of a Project Coordinator or Programmer.
I had a big surprise to see Scrum Masters that were reporting to the Project managers who reported to the Agile Coach. Before their title was changed to Scrum Master, those people provided technical and adminstrative support.
Is this the "Servant Leader" that the Scrum Master should be?
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Does seem, regardless, there is some hierarchy in place, though, dependent on the organization and framework used. To note though, the Agile Coach role is not a managerial role. No one should be 'reporting' to the AG.

Depends on an organization's standards - in my current (banking sector) client, with multiple agile teams within a project, the PM and other leaders are providing support to the SMs and development teams but we don't have formal reporting relationships between the layers and as Andrew indicates, the AC's don't have formal authority over anything. We are there to coach but not manage!

In this company, the ACs and SMs work as part of the line of business-level agile CoE's reporting to a transformation lead (AVP-level executive).


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