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Need help with my dissertation, looking for people with experience in working with both predictive and agile methods

Hello everyone,

I'm writing my dissertation on predictive and adaptive project life cycles/methodologies applied in projects. Basically, it's predictive vs. adaptive - I'm making a comparison on the advantages and disadvantages of each of these main approaches.
In this quest to explore the benefits and challenges of applying these methods, I am looking for project managers or project team members who have experience in working with both methodologies (at least 2 years experience in each one of them, to be more precise). Out of the 10 required interviews, I've still got two more to go, so I thought I'll try and reach out for help in this community.

Also, please know that I will maintain your anonymity, and I will use only the initials of your name. If you wish to help me by responding directly here, I'll list the questions bellow:

1. Do you also have experience in working in Hybrid projects (is it in combining both predictive and adaptive approaches, or combining 2-3 Agile methods?)
2. Please tell me, from your experience, about the main advantages and disadvantages of working with the predictive approach (Waterfall) in projects?
3. Now, how about the advantages and disadvantages of using an adaptive or Agile approach?
4. Do you have any preference between the two (or maybe you prefer the Hybrid combination of them)?
5. From experience, do you think that projects can be 100% Agile or are there various predictive requirements (from upper-management or even from business expectations) that always intervene?
6. Do you think that this VUCA world in which we live in and all the technological advancements are making more and more companies to adopt Agile practices?
7. Regardless of methodology, judging from your own experience or from observing the teams in which you've worked, what are the main challenges encountered in projects?
8. And finally, any recommendations for young project managers/project team members? (any kind of recommendation or even related to facing the challenges mentioned before)

If you find it easier to give the responses verbally rather than to write them, then I'll arrange a skpe call interview (it will be between half an hour and an hour). Thank you!
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Happy to help. Feel free to reach out when you have time.

Same here, Emilia-Mihaela - feel free to send me a message...

I am willing to help as well. I published a dissertation in May of 2016 regarding project success in agile software development projects so I am aware of the space and some of the challenges you are going through :) I meet the requirements for your study as well. Send me a message and let's connect.

Please send me a skype request. I'd rather answer the questions verbally.

Dr. John T. Farlik, PMP

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