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Business Transition to Agile

The business transitioning to Agile aligns well when the business leader, analyst, etc. makes the shift from a reactive to a proactive mindset.

1) Have a clear roadmap to deliver products and services for the next 3-6 months.
2) Align the business delivery and release schedule parallel to sprints.
3) IT development is aware of the business roadmap and pre-planned what needs to be developed and released at each sprint and release.

Get ahead of business demands and innovation - if you can. The initiative and transition will have a much higher chance of success – but this is only one phase of transformation.
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Christopher -

the shift to an agile mindset needs to happen across all core roles and stakeholders involved with delivery otherwise we risk experiencing what Deming cautioned about re: optimizing a part will sub-optimize the whole.


Perfect answer, Kiron. My challenge to adopting agile is the approach is often not presented in phases. Remember that Agile is a transformational initiative and project. The many of many orgs attempting to adopt Agile principles fail due to taking on too much. I see this so common in small companies - coupled with lack of communication and direction provided to the business side. In the larger companies, I see the big bang approach. One day you're PMP, the next day you're all agile. It's okay to take it the adoption in phases. The Agile transformation should fit just right for your company. The communication and steps you take towards implementation should always evaluate and consider the amount of change that can be introduced and accepted at a high success rate.

The agile transformation at the enterprise level ist not a "one-shot excercise". It can take several years and requires activities spanning over longer time periods. Ken Schwaber/ Jeff Sutherland described it in their book "Software in 30 days".

I speak from practical experience in leading multiple Agile transformations. I do not speak from reading a book, or reading or hearing about someone else's experience implementing agile. I deliver original content. I assume I don't have to deliver the obvious -such as an entire IT transformation being done in one shot. It's obvious that it cannot be done as referenced in the final paragraph of my original post. You must take the project in phases. That being said, I'm not interested in the absolute best practices in implementing Agile. My clients pay for expertise and solutions personalized for their culture and I deliver accordingly. If you have the time, please share more of your experiences implementing Agile transformation. We need to uplift each other in this field as it is a difficult transition. There are many renowned "experts" and many different flavors of this implementation. Who you read and research is your personal choice.

This has been underway for some time now.

Great discussion! I'd like to read more on the practical side of transforming into Agile. How do we put the book knowledge to action in a non traditional environment?

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