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As a Manager, how much one should get involve into the Designing, Coding, Testing in any of his or her Project?
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As much as you think you should. There is no fixed percentage for this and it is not a black and white thing. Some projects your involvement will be heavy, on others it will be just enough.

I agree with Rami. It depends on what you are expecting about your involvement in the project. Maybe it depends on your experience too. The first software development project that I worked, I wanted to be involved in everything, but it takes a lot of time. In my case, it was because I try to learn a lot about every industry I'm working on, and I'm not a software engineer so...

Ashutosh -

Help out where you are able to without stepping on the toes of your team members and without putting the project at risk by juggling too many balls at once. I've always been a fan of PMs who can roll up their sleeves to pitch in when the situation demands, but remember that this is not your primary accountability.


Agree with Kiron . Servant leadership!

Make sure things are done and documented appropriately and everyone knows what they are doing and deadlines to meet.

Make sure everyone highlights the risks on a timely manager so you can make an assessment of whether such risks are likely to affect your scope, cost, schedule or quality.

Dip your hands where required but do not get wet. There are way more important things to do as a Project Manager than indulge in the minutiae of development.

In my opinion , PM must holisticaly know how each phase ( coding , design , testing ) work and their delieverables . Many times technical teams add relaxed estimates to project which is what makes things challenging . The more you know the less the risk you have.

I agree with much of you, the PM must to know how each phase work, and the level of involvement depends of the project and de several critical situations along the project, but nobody musto to forget their primary accountability.

I believe PM's need to get hands dirty only on critical situations. Getting over involved in development might make you loose the broader view you need and not focus on your true assignments and responsibilities

I agree with the thoughts as mentioned by the rest. Manager need to have a strategic vision and should not get into too tactical things that may make him lose sight of the overall benefit of the project.

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