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Performance measurement

Could you please recommend me some books, online resources, articles covering information on the Performance measurement and methods of performance measurement in Agile project management. Thanks.
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Making an assumption on what is meant with 'Performance'.
Picking out a couple results from a generic Google search, but I am sure there are several sources to leverage:

Though, it may not be any factor to prepend with 'Agile'.

Burndown, Velocity, Throughput - these are all various ways in which to measure 'progress'. But how do we measure Value? That is, of course, why we are doing this in the first place :)

Using Objective's & Key Results (OKR's) and/or Benefits Mapping ( can both be a useful approach to quantify the outcomes.

As my knowledge, there is a book, which is cost engineering (SK6), it explains the performance measurement as cost control with some methods. But as Agile, I haven't idea

Muhammad -

I'd start with the Agile Practice Guide (PMI & Agile Alliance) and you could also look at Ajay Reddy's book on Scrumban. But outside of those, I'd suggest just using online resources such as presentations hosted by the Agile Alliance.


I suggest you dive in PMI's Agile Practice Guide as a starter - If not already done!

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