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Internal Audit
Deal All,

I want to do an internal audit of my own projects. Please suggest all the processes to follow to do the same.

Thanks in advance.
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First step should be the setting-up specific goals, what will be achieved by the proposed audit.

For planning, the process suggested by IIA could be good starting point,
Ashutosh -

Do you mean the projects you are running personally, or are you playing an audit role within your organization? If the former, then an audit would likely be less practical than some good old quality assurance on your PM practices...

I would start by assessing your compliance to PMBOK and the policies and procedures (P&P's) in place to assure adherence to those processes. Additionally you could break the areas of the project down by phase and take a global or detailed look at compliance to those specific processes/phase. Assuming you have P&P's related to procedures - review those P&P's in relation to how the project was performed. For example - If a risk was missed in the project and required additional change orders - determine why the risk was missed? If your projects have a weak spot or area you think need improvement, i would focus on those areas.

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