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Analysing the Project Success
Dear All,

How to judge the success or effectiveness of the project in a Non IT Company? May be any tool or technique to find the success rate?
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- list all deliverables, goals, and objectives of the project
- determine the importance rate of each one
- determine the degree of completion (success) of each one
- calculate the success rate of the project
Ashutosh -

So long as the expected business outcomes are defined up front (in the charter or business case) then it is a question of comparing the actual results against those.

The hard work is in identifying which metrics or KPIs will best assess what the project produced and ensuring there is discipline in the monitoring and reporting of those.

At the very begining, before the project is started, project objectives have to be defined because them will be the measurement of project success. Project objectives have to be defined from solution objectives mainly from product/service/result to be created. With that on hand you have all you need to determine project success.
1 reply by John Farlik
Jan 07, 2019 10:54 AM
John Farlik

As always, your thoughts are excellent. I would add that project success criteria can be either quantitative in nature (i.e. we will save $X of money, deliver X widgets) or qualitative in nature (i.e. we will serve our organization by enhancing customer experience...). I've found that the best measures of success include both elements. The benefits realization and organizational adoption goals are (often but not always) qualitative, while the cost/schedule goals are most likely quantitative. This "mixed methods" approach to success brings "richness of purpose" to the project.
Well, the success is measured against the objectives and goals established. It is important to define the parameters and techniques to use. An example could be something like: We are expected to get 1000 likes on every material promoted in the social networks. At the end of the project, you can easily check on every advertisement the number of likes received or by using a digital marketing tool.

To analyze you need a comparison point.
What were the objectives? should be in the project objectives-goals
Where the initial values evaluated? The where do you start from.
Remeasure and compare.

Good luck, Vincent
Well, as Kiron said to maintain project success, you use conduct benefit analysis if project objective meet business requirements or not!!
During project charter your goals should've been included and measure of success. Hopefully, that was done, if not agree with Kiron, Sergio and Jesus
Analyse as per the success criteria defined at the beginning of the project. Even if gold plating was done and was received positively, I would not include it in success criteria.
In addition to those listed above by the ecperts, EV is surely a yardstick for measuring success
Agree with the overall feedback thus far. If the objectives and success factors are not clearly defined up front, there is no gauge or baseline from which to measure against, regardless of project or industry, be it construction, marketing, IT, etc.

As far as a technique option, check out a semi-recent blog from Elizabeth Harrin -
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