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Project Update Report 101 - What to show on it
Hello Experts!

Reports don't we love them? in an effort to come up with the best reports possible I wanted to pick your brain in reference to what to show on a weekly report for example?

Milestones completed the prior week?
Tasks completed the prior week?
Tasks to be completed this week?

I would certainly appreaciate your input! have a wonderful day!
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Scope Status - preferably lights - amber, red or green
Budget Status - preferably lights - amber, red or green
Schedule Status - preferably lights - amber, red or green
Project Status Summary
Tasks completed this week (Or achievements)
Tasks planned for next week
Major risks, issues or challenges
Financial Commentary
I generally agree with Deepesh when a project is proceeding more or less normally. If the project has a great deal of risk, the updates tend to focus more on the risk or issue handling plans, and how risk is being lowered over time.

In those cases, the focus is more on the near term recovery plans, critical path to meet later program milestones, and if there is any help requested to execute the plan.
Agree with Dipeesh
In a weekly status we usually want to focus on the progress made in each week and highlight challenges if any. So try to bring in points which change every week, and avoid highlighting points that remain constant every week.
Keeping a simple weekly update report - what’s achieved, what’s planned, is it on track, risks with its impact, action and probability. Any inputs needed in the coming week. With this - an overall summary of project summary (has the last week’s work caused any major change in the overall project status)
If there is no change in the work status, may be due to an issue which is not resolved, then provide details on what our approach is to handle this situation, what we did so far to resolve it, what we plan to do.
I usually prefer a graphical summary for the status, a tabular format for risks and issues and RAG status for overall project status.

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