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How Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262) could be intruduced in Agile environment?

Automotive industry tends to change from waterfall to agile even in safety related product development. Do you have any experience to cope with Functional Safety (ISO 26262) in agile environment?
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Janos -

The key is integrating control (e.g. safety) requirements into the functional requirements over the life of the project and ensuring that control partners such as safety regulators have capacity to be engaged throughout to be reviewing requirements, design updates & releases.

Otherwise, we have Water-Scrum-Fall where the construction portion can be done in an agile manner, but the final phases of transition revert to a waterfall like approach.


I was the leader to implement Agile in three big automotive as part of their strategy in Asia, Europe and USA. We create an architecture where all related to compliance (ISO for example) was in a layer and interacts with the other layers without problems. I mean, key is to think into architecture where each layer is integrated with the others with low coupling and high cohesion. The important thing is to understand that Agile as Lean are approaches, not methods/process/tools/etc.

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