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Dear All,

Do we have any whatsapp group. If yes please add me or I want to start one. Please share me details one on one.

This will help us in getting resolution faster. It is just a thought if you all disagree please ignore.
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Nice idea.
Ashutosh -

I'd hesitate in participating is such a large WhatsApp, Slack or other such group as without the benefit of community moderators on that type of channel, the signal:noise ratio will be pretty poor.

I doubt any of us work in contexts where near real time answers are required - that is never the expectation of a community but rather should be addressed through your close local network at your company.

Groups can be anywhere. Whatsapp, here, Facebook. the most important thing is how do you wana use that group.
I would not use such a group. I have purposefully limited my use of social media, and those I do use are for a specific purpose. As Kiron mentioned, if there is a need within your employer's organization, they will likely have put one in place.
I think it's a good idea, especially to study towards the PMP certification

Pienso que es una buena idea, sobretodo para estudiar rumbo a la certificación PMP
I've used Slack on a PMI-related project. I had to turn notifications off my phone, it was too many interruptions.

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