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Next Opportunity

We are already passed the first week into the New Year yet we are still into the first fortnight so happy new year to entire community!
I want to start this topic by sharing that after 7 years working for the same customer into multiple roles/projects as part of IT Services Delivery, I'm looking for my next role/opportunity.
So far, I've reached out to my network within the organization to look for matching positions.
Does any of you have some tips/thoughts about what more could I do to find my next assignment quickly?
Once again, best wishes for a fantastic year ahead!
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That is definitely a great start. Many lose sight on the importance of stating clearly the desire to grow, advance, and take on more responsibility. As you did, reach out, but then don't leave it at that. Continue looking within the organization at opportunities that arise and follow up with those you reached out to. And, of course, always remain professional.

All that said, if you have the bug to move, don't limit yourself. Look outside the organization as well.

All the best. Good luck.

Happy new year.

finding a new job is a little bit tricky. I am not familiar with Indian market, however, you may find new positions or opportunities within the current company or relationship.

If your new search is similar to your previous one and you have good references from your current supervisor/coworkers then it could be more quicker.

Happy New Year - I fully agree with Andrew's point of view.

I don't know the Indian market but as a consultant I'm often enough looking for my next contract.

Some tips and thoughts to help you along:

1. Get your CV/Resume and Linkedin profile up to date. Better still, have a professional help you with these. Use sites like (or search for similar) to help with getting your resume past the scanners (which are common at least in NA).

2. Develop a good Cover Letter template, if they're used or expected in India. Again, better still to have a professional help with this.

3. Go for the low-hanging fruit - apply to anything that seems reasonable, whatever that means to you. Lots of good sites for this, e.g. LinkedIn or other job sites.

4. Do some research and identify companies that you would like to work for - maybe because they're good employers, maybe because they have the type of work you want to be doing, maybe because they will grow your career. Consider what you want and identify companies that offer that type of work

5. Leverage your network. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Find people you know who can connect you with other people in companies you like. You're looking to get in touch with those who hire and to promote yourself.

6. Search the internet on how to find a job - there's a ton of good (and some not so good) advice.

7. Don't put all your eggs in one basket nor all your hopes into one application/interview. I don't know the Indian marketplace but if it's the same as in NA, it's a numbers game and a gamble each time you apply and interview.

8. There are many many more tips that can help, like expanding your network, Linkedin recommendations, website site job alerts, being proactive, volunteering, government programs, etc.

Good luck and stay confident!

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