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Is it easy to get a Project Management Job (Software Development) and do it in USA/Canada?


I have worked in outsourcing software development for a long time as a developer at beginning and manager recently. I have got Master degree, PMP, CSP and experienced in both Agile and Traditional project management methodologies.
I am thinking about how hard to get a Project Management (or related) Job (Software Development) in USA/Canada. And also about difficulties in doing the PM role with lack of cultural and social awareness and language limitation. If you have experience on similar situation, please share with me.

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Tung -

Landing a role in a different country is challenging, especially if you don't have local contacts in position of influence who can speak with credibility about your abilities to a hiring manager.

I do know that at least in Canada, the lack of "Canadian experience" is something which has been a barrier for a number of otherwise qualified practitioners who I have networked with at various events.

As usual, it is a function of supply & demand. If you are willing to target a city or region which has a limited supply of qualified PMs, they are likely to be reasonable in their expectations. If you choose to target popular destinations like Toronto or New York City, employers are likely to have a much broader pool of candidates to choose from and will naturally be pickier.

Good luck!


It would be challenging. In Canada, the certifications and designation may only help to be invited for an interview. Hard skills and soft skills both are important.

I agree with Kiron's point of view. When I first came here, I had hard time and I was physically here because everyone was asking for local experience so it could be very challenging to be honest.

I echo with both Kiron and Rami! I am not sure about Canada but in United States, the requirements would change from state to state. My own experience.

Hi Kiron and All,

Thank you so much for your sharing and advices.

Best Regards

It is best to build the skills required in the shortest possible time while still keep looking for opportunities. There is no short cut to success. Best wishes!

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