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Digital age project manager(leadership)

To survive, how project managers prepare themselves and start practicing?

Also share resources like news blogs, website which are up to date
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Is there a specific industry you want to work in or that appeals to you? For project management, you have the major fields of Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and IT.

The general school of thought regarding project management science comes from the Project Management Institute. They have a number of certifications that are recognized and accredited. The main one is called the PMP. You get it by taking an exam but to qualify to sit you need hours of PM experience and some PM formal education. The education hours aren’t hard to get. If you don’t have experience look into the CAPM also by PMI.

Hi Milind, there are several good blogs on this website, check Community / blogs under the main website menu. I would also recommend to regularly check new articles, there are very good topics that cover broad spectrum of project management. This month topic is actually New practitioners so I hope you’ll find useful information in the articles that are published this month.

Lots of good content here, on, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack communities, and podcasts.

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