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What motivates you to go into work each day?

I think this topic could be helpful to a lot of people. What keeps you going? What excites you about what you do? How do you find motivation?
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If you go through the steps you need to to create personal and professional goals, break it down and create steps, you will find some fun stuff to do. Also, finding a cool friend at work is handy. I have a new job too.


If one appreciates where they are and likes the organization and those around them, plus believe in the projects they are executing (assuming that role, I suppose, here, in the context of the site), then that is a good foundation from which to have passion, excitement, and motivation. If not, start looking around.

On the flip side, like Sergio states. We work to make money, support our family, and survive.

If you are enjoying what you do, chances are it is a combination of Daniel Pink's Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose which is the cause.

Otherwise, as Sergio has said, it's survival at the lowest rungs of Maslow's hierarchy.


It is important to love what you do but this is not the only reason. It is a combination of loving what you do and being comfortable with the environment you work at.

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