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PMP Certification and MBA in Finance career path ideas
Does PMP Certification go well with MBA in Finance? I received both recently. Will you please share any career path ideas that includes utilizing both? Thank you.
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I have an MBA concentrated in Finance as well as a PMP. I've spent my career working with banks and lenders and have used and benefited from both. As a functional manager, I relied on the MBA. When I started doing project work and realized that I'd like to make a go of it, I pursued the PMP. Now projects are my profession.

I don't think my path is unique, but I feel like the pivot from functional to project manager and the MBA / PMP combo help me to navigate projects in functional organizations.
A powerful combination no doubt . Most senior PMs in the industry are very good at Project Management but are found wanting in the financial aspects.
As David mentioned, Banking / Financial/Accounting firms might be a great area to pursue Project Management roles with your MBA skills.
Congratulations! You are in the right direction with PMP and Finance. Great opportunities!
Great professional skillset

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