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I ve 2 PMP exam attempts but was not a success
Hi All
I've been as a PM for almost 4 years and studied PMBOK 6edition with classes on Udemy platform and took around 800 mocking PMP questions where it seemed all cleared the points were connected. When I did my 2nd shot I was even behind in Below target in most of the process Groups. Any tips that can save my life for the 3rd try.
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PM Challenge in will definitely help! Also, be thorough with all the knowledge areas with inputs, tools&techniques and outputs. Try to attempt some mock tests.

Hello Maged: Let me first congratulate you for your dedication, for the work you have put into exam preparation already and for your courage to share your experience with us. Don't be discouraged! Don't give up! You can do this! I have a question - is your experience as a project manager in your industry different than how the PMBOK describes the PM role? If so, that can be part of the challenge you are facing. To pass the exam, you must answer the questions how PMBOK describes even if it is very different in your real life role. My guess is you will pass the 3rd time. I purchased and attended a PMI approved bootcamp situation for a week and found it very, very helpful. Is that something that is available to you as well?

The PMP exams is based on assumptions that the project is so large that all the processes mentioned in PMBOK are utilized. Also the PM's approach towards managing the project may vary significantly than what PMBOK prescribes and what is practically followed in your organization. I would suggest you read and understand Rita Mulcahy 9th Edition Book for Exam Prep. Understand what should be Project Manager's approach , i.e. To be proactive, To be on constant look out to prevent unnecessary changes, follow the change control board, Manage stakeholder using emotional intelligence,etc. Then you need to approach exam questions with that mindset.
1 reply by Sunil Dalvi
Jan 19, 2019 10:06 AM
Sunil Dalvi
I have created study group on linkedin. To help out pmp aspirants in exam preparation .
The name group is "PMP Version6 Exam Preparation". In case you have specific questions regarding any topic we can provide guidance on that.


In your case, I definitely WON'T touch the PM Challenge questions as they are out of date and do not help nor reflect the real exam questions. Since you scored way below target in the second attempt then I probably would advise you to do the following:

1- Take a PMP in person course with a training company.
2- Buy Rita Mulcahy's Exam Prep Book and Fast Track simulation exam software. PMBOK alone is not enough especially that you do not have many years of experience. 4 Years are not many in this diversified industry.

Good Luck on your third attempt.

Hi Majed, thanks for sharing your experience, but let me encourage you. Don't give up, this might just be about how you look at the questions. Many experienced project managers fail this exam. When I did the exam back in 2013, I got a lot of advice from people who had failed several times but eventually passed. Personally, I found preparation for the exam as well as the exam itself very nerve-racking so you can imagine my relief when I passed. Rita Mulcahy's book on project management talks about how to approach the questions in the exam at the start of the book, what to pay attention to and what to ignore. For instance, in one case she explains that a certain type of question may be 10 sentences long and giving certain information, but look carefully at the question asked and you might find that most of the information given is actually not required to answer the question. There's also a book called "The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try", by Andy Crowe, which you might find helpful. The time and financial investment to acquire the knowledge for the exam are expensive, but have a look of the books I suggested because I found them helpful. Good luck as you prepare to try again as the certification is well-recognized. You can do this, Peace!

Maged, Don't be dishearten you are not the only one who failed twice and passed on the third, third time is the charm also like others said good courage to share your story, I agree with Rami that most mock exams are based on old version 5th edition and now the exam in 6th edition give your self enough time to prepare, are you given the exam in Arabic or English and how you prepare, Lori and Hope mentioned good staff too. do more reading and Tawakal ala Allah and GOOD LUCK.

Hi Maged, As there is no perfect formula how we can pass PMP but if you require I can share ITTO xls file which I had prepared for my self it would require minor addition as I appreciate for version 5. Also I can share a basic diagram which helped me a lot over process understanding. Don't be disharted you will surely come with flying colors. Send me test email I will help you with same.

I would suggest not to be discouraged. Try to figure out your weak areas from last two exams. Note-it down and resolve those weak areas step by step. Try to purchase reliable mock exams ( i.e., pm prep-cast or as you prefer) and attempt 200 questions within the time frame in one sitting. Review wrong answers are why wrong and try to verify it from PMBOK. Do not overwhelmed by reading so many books except PMBOK and Rita as support.

It does not depend on how long you play role of PM and how many classes or exams you took but it totally depends on how deeply you understand KAs listed in the PMBOK. Try to read PMBOK carefully, read more related articles (in this community), books to fully understand each KAs. For each KA, after studying principles, processes...., close your eyes and draw the knowledge map in your brain. Lastly, when you catch all things in your mind, try exam questions. You should know that many people can answer exam questions just because they do it many times with the same set of questions and remembers the answers but spend much of times to understand and answer new questions as you may have experienced when sitting in the official exam.

Before I help and recommend you, we should know your tips exactly before to find the gap and weak points, what was your tips??????
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