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What are seven habits of effective project managers?
Stephan Covey has written a book on this covering 7 habits for highly effective people. While this is for anyone, are there a particular set of habits that are needed for a project manager or a project leader for being highly effective?
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In my way of believing, projects managers or project leaders should be effective people too. So, the 7 habits fit perfectly to this purpose.
They could be inter personnel skills like communication, coaching, problem solving, negotiation,...etc as shown on PMBOK
Highly effective Project Managers:
are ethical and demonstrates integrity
practice leadership
establish positive relationships with each team member
work at team building every day
recognize great performance and reward it
communicate effectively
do not dictate solutions but encourage their teams to develop their own
do not ‘supervise’ (micro manage) but encourage innovation
Yes...Stephan Covey puts forth a lifetime model in 7 Habits. However a while back I came across an article in I'll copy it below:

Anatomy Of An Effective Project Manager ( Written by Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson
We put forward five core personal characteristics of effective project managers. These are:

1. Be an extrovert.
2. Display Personal Courage (lead from the front).
3. Possess Charisma.
4. Be an Enabler with a Can-Do Attitude.
5. Have a Strong Sense of Teamwork.
Run faster than project stakeholders when things go wrong......
1. One who is without addictions, avoided bad manners.
2. Having the ability to persuade others
3. Influential and walks the talk to demonstrate technical competencies
4. Thriving continuous learning or seek knowledge and share it to colleagues or project teams. Learned than experienced or have a bled of these two aspects of project management.
5. Ability to forecast and say about the future in case of financial and resource problems to accomplish the project. ( One who has sound expert judgement potential.)
I wish I have the above things robustly.

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