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Practical experiences as a Project or program manager
I had cleared the PMP certification 3 years back and the concept made sense for an ideal project following all guidelines. But the world is not practical enough and I lost touch of all theoretical concepts learnt as part of PMP certification. As part of renewal of my PMP and earning PDU I landed on Project Management website and this helped me go thru many webinars and blogs which brought me back to a relaistic world...I went thru viewing a lot of webinars and reading a lot of content and lot of you that be videos I tried venturing into a practical world of being a PMO and senior project management roles ...but the interviews were even more practical to the wildest of my imagination...

The corporate ladder is a big maze and things I handle become more of operations rather than project management...

So I am looking for some guidance around how to be more practical and get some reality bites of things are handled ..with being more agile on project management. So guide me thru ..
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Would you learn swimming or driving car just by listening or reading lesson on that topic. Project Management is a skill, it can be learnt and developed only through practice.
Request you to simplify your question, It's not clear what are trying to ask. It would definitely helps other to provide relevant help to you.
Hi, you got my question exactly right sir, i am not getting practical experiences in my current project where I am a support delivery manager and it goes by handling day to day operations more...where I handle 100+ people. I did PMP with an intention to use it to help me grow but I got stuck with the current job In hand (doing this for 3+ yes now) from where it would be difficult to come out I started searching out and one of the interviews I faced was very practical on project management and out of my day to day work ...but It made me sense that I need something else apart from day to day work to relate to the real project management...which would help in a long run. The webinars/videos/articles are good learning but not helping practically either I am not using them right or not going thru the right content...
Arvind -

You will want to get a "real" PM role to get the type of experience you are looking for, so if your current company doesn't provide such opportunities you may need to look at changing companies. If you don't have sufficient previous PM experience, you may need to take on a role as a project administrator/control officer for a year or two to "learn the ropes" so that you can then be more competitive for landing a true PM role.

Good luck!

Thanks Kiron for the advice, will try to work upon it.
Please ask for a change in assignment, but make sure that you are ready for it Arvind.

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